Thanks for your interest. I appreciate this opportunity to share what expert translation means to us at Intra·luxe, and how it benefits you.

I imagine you’re here because you not only want to speak to a new audience, you truly want to be heard by them.

You’ve invested time, attention, and money into crafting your original copy so it strikes precisely the right tone with your clients. It stands to reason you want to preserve that investment in translation. That’s where we come in.

Expert translation is not a rote, mechanical, word-for-word process of exchanging one word for another. It’s not something typed out by someone who “knows” the language, let alone a machine.

Expert translation is an art. It requires the same level of nuanced creativity that went into crafting your original copy.

Expert translation balances precision and artistry, words and style, message and meaning, culture and context. It is a highly-skilled, creative, professional endeavour that conveys much more than the gist of your message. It delivers it whole.

Expert translation ensures you will connect with your audience and reap the rewards.

Here at Intra·luxe, expert translation is our passion and our promise.

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Lisa Carter
President & Creative Director